Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's about time

Every year my friends and I try to get our acts and funds together to take a snowboard trip to somewhere West of Massachusetts.  This years crew consists of myself, Steve R, Alexei G, Brian J, and Aaron P.  It's a tight crew, not easy to break into and get invited on these trips.

This past winter we made our 2nd trip to Seattle, WA to grab our share of snow, concrete, beers, and of course coffee.  Straight off the plane, we made our way to Monroe to stay with longtime friend, the infamous Matt Gormley.  Gorms is an East coast transplant that made his way into the employment of Stevens Pass snowboard marketing and park design for a handful of years.  Matt is the ultimate host, even if it's five sweaty dudes crashing on every horizontal surface in his cool little house.  He goes out of his way to make our stay fun as hell and has yet to disappoint.

We hit as many concrete skateparks as we could fit in with the inclement weather.  In total we skated the Ballard bowl (2), Arlington, Duval, Carnation, and another spot that slips my mind right now.  Brian J. was charging while the rest of us did our best to keep up with his clean lifestyle energy.  I think my favorite place was Carnation.  The lines were really smooth and it made me feel like I knew what I was doing.  I did find a way to launch myself out of the full pipe at Arlington and land square on one ass cheek.  By the initial pain felt, I thought the rest of the trip was to be spent in the fine drinking establishments scattered all over Seattle, but I was able to suck it up.
The snowboarding segment of this trip was great, Stevens Pass and Mt. Baker.  No real fresh snow to speak of, but great spring like conditions to be had all over the mountains.   Mt. Baker has the most incredible terrain easily accessible from the lift.  I'd love to be there on a powder day.  
Oh, I forgot to add that I left two days earlier than the rest of the group, and of course it snowed hours after I boarded the plane.  


Friday, May 9, 2008

New tank for McChop

Got the shell done, gas cap is in, bottom and tunnel fitted.  Ran out of argon late Friday, so I'll be waiting to do the finish welding, mounts, and petcock bung.  Man, I've been blowing through argon in the last two months.  I think it's time to get the monster size tank.  This tank is for Ryan aka McChop on the Jockey Journal.  This tank is a replacement for the one he crushed when he dumped his bike on EDR '08.  He made it out without too much damage... except for the tank.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is Wilbur

This is my dog Wilbur.  It may sound completely out of whack, but he means more to my wife and I than most people do.  Protective, loyal, and non-stop comedy.  Mess with this dog and you're messing with your well being.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tank and fender sent to paint

I just sent out my tank and fender out to get some crazy 60's style flake shot onto them.  Man I can't tell you how hyped I am on getting this stuff back from Joel @ Image One in Ada, OH.  There are many painters I'll be working with on my gas tanks and I'll be posting their names and businesses as I put up images of their hard work.  Next time you see pics of my tins, you'll want to eat them 'cause they'll look like delicious candy.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Dropped off my 4 spd trans

It's about time I got off my ass and found someone to assemble my 4 spd ratchet top transmission for my shovelhead project.  I was going to do it myself, but I'd rather be welding than swearing.  I ran into Mad Man at the last swap meet and talked to him about my transmission problem.  A little more than 24 hrs later, it's at his shop awaiting assembly.  Now I don't have to worry about it actually working when I need it to.  That's the last piece of the puzzle I need done so I can finish the last bits of fabrication before test firing and paint.  Killer.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Keene, NH swap meet

Well, it was another early morning getting ready for the Keene swap meet.  Drizzly raw day, slow set up due to shitty weather.  Herb and I didn't know what time the gates opened, so we guessed 7am was safe.  Oh yeah, 9am.  Try to kill 2 hours in downtown Keene after you'd already had breakfast.  Head to Wal-Mutt's boring shitty magazine section that consists of bad bike mags and other assorted short attention span periodicals.
We were able to walk through the gates at 8:45 and hit up anyone that had their goods unpacked.  Sooner or later we were able to find some swapheads that had the "any piece for $1 bins".  Bingo.  I'll collect junk like this forever even if I never use it, which will probably be the case.  Herb has a disease that makes him but more pegs than he'll ever need.  I can't stop myself from buying narrowglide front ends and axles I can't use.  My swap partner in crime scores what we believe to be an original Bates pillion pad and a $10 authentic Wassel tank.  Lucky bastard.  Oh, the french fries are killer.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A couple gas tank pics

Here's a pic of what I've been up to lately.  Most of the gas tanks I fabricate are made from stock sportster tanks.  Some recycled from beat-up dented p.o.s. tanks, some not.  It amazes me how much people think a dented crappy tank is worth because of the trend in bikes nowadays.  It costs me less money and time to build one out of a new tank, but for some reason that bugs me.  These tanks take 15+ hours to complete, and they're a deal at what I sell 'em for.

Welcome to my nightmare.

Welcome to all!  I'll be posting my fabrication work, bike builds, parts for sale, and any other cool shit I can think of.  I have a website being built @, but you'll only find the home page up for now.
A little background for those of you who don't know me.  My name is Jason Roche, I have a background in metal work, or fabrication if you may.  My business name is JMR Designs, but most of my work is done under the name Special'79.  Why this name you may ask? My answer is I really don't know, a friend of mine came up with it and it stuck.  I'm making a go at running my own business. It's the hardest job I've ever had, but it rules.  I weld most of the day away, kiss my hot wife, and hug my dog all on the same piece of property.  
I build motorcycles, but I'm not a "builder".  I build 'em for myself and friends, and I don't build shit I don't like.  If you dig my work, I thank you.  If you don't dig my work, I don't care.  I sleep well at night knowing I'm not lying to myself or others.  I don't care what the "new" or "cool" trend is in motorcycles.  I'm partial to the bikes of the '60's and '70's.  I respect anyone that turns wrenches and gets their hands dirty or bloody.  I love seeing people make birdshit mig welds on metal, it takes guts to try.  I like saving something that others would throw away.  You'd know what I meant if you ever made something, took a step back from it, and couldn't keep yourself from smiling.