Sunday, May 4, 2008

Keene, NH swap meet

Well, it was another early morning getting ready for the Keene swap meet.  Drizzly raw day, slow set up due to shitty weather.  Herb and I didn't know what time the gates opened, so we guessed 7am was safe.  Oh yeah, 9am.  Try to kill 2 hours in downtown Keene after you'd already had breakfast.  Head to Wal-Mutt's boring shitty magazine section that consists of bad bike mags and other assorted short attention span periodicals.
We were able to walk through the gates at 8:45 and hit up anyone that had their goods unpacked.  Sooner or later we were able to find some swapheads that had the "any piece for $1 bins".  Bingo.  I'll collect junk like this forever even if I never use it, which will probably be the case.  Herb has a disease that makes him but more pegs than he'll ever need.  I can't stop myself from buying narrowglide front ends and axles I can't use.  My swap partner in crime scores what we believe to be an original Bates pillion pad and a $10 authentic Wassel tank.  Lucky bastard.  Oh, the french fries are killer.


Deacon said...

Damn Jay, Wilbur is HUGE! Is he a Great Dane mix?

special'79 said...

Damion, he's 80 lbs of pure mutt. We saved him from a shelter at 5 months old, and all we've been able to gather is he's a husky/greyhound mix with huge paws.