Thursday, July 31, 2008

shorty t-barzzzzzz

I made these bars yesterday while I was shaving my mustache off.  My wife likes the bars, not the lip hair.  These bars have sold, but if you need any bars 7/8" or 1" I can build anything you need.   I give credit to Craig at for the subconscious inspiration regarding this design.  The bars he's been making out of stainless are kick ass.    

Monday, July 28, 2008

I mustache you a question

Just a quick photo of my new mustache.  It isn't going to last very long, when my wife sees it she'll insist that it goes away.  Man it's hard to make a mustache look cool, I don't quite pull it off.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

tanks but no tanks

Just a pic of a tank I've been hiding for a while.  It was originally going to be for my bike, but plans changed.  This tank is for sale if anyone wants it.  

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Man, is it hot welding in my shop right now?  Yes.  Taking a break, figured I'd post a pic I took last summer of the Honda twins.  Fun in the sun.

trim the fat

I got this fat bob tank from a buddy in Texas.  He was looking for a tank for his Honda chop project, as long as it wasn't a sportster tank.  This thing is going to be cool when it's done and it'll definitely hold more fuel than a narrowed sporty tank.  Gas it, gas it , gas it.  Check it out on the bike Ashley's building @

speedstah bahs

Ok, here's some bars that some people have been asking me about for a bit now.  I like 'em,  You like 'em?  You want 'em? What pants should I wear today?  Enough with the questions, back to work.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mike Emond's ramp

Mike's vert ramp ruled Holden.  I was lucky enough to have two good ramps to skate locally back in the day, Mike's and Jay Lambert's.  Man, Mike had style up to his eyes when he was on his board, it just came natural.  Check out the rest of his old backyard ramp photos and more @
Above photo is Mike circa 1986.  Perfect sweeper style.  Yeah, that's snow on the ground, that ramp was skated year round.

The Mill

This was a spot I rented with a friend while I was in college.  It was in an old fabric mill, super hot in the summer, cold as ice at night in the winter.  The kind of place you wore sweats and a hoodie to bed if you weren't lucky enough to have a girl with you at the time.  The ramp came from my friend Brendan's house.  It had lived out it's usefulness in his backyard, but the transitions and ribbing were saved and moved indoors.  The pool coping was from Mike Emond's vert ramp in Holden, which ruled back in the day.  I remember skating Mike's ramp with him for the last time one cold fall day.  360 rock to broken shoulder, ramp closed.
Pool coping timeline.  From Fred Smith's ramp to Mike Emond's ramp to John Marshall's ramp to Brendan Sowersby's ramp, to it's final resting place on the mill ramp.  We left the ramp there when we moved out, nobody wanted it.  I can only hope someone found that pool coping somewhere and put it to good use.  The above picture was taken sometime in 1989-90.  What a blast. 

Hurry up already

This project has felt like it's dragging.  I did just take it for a ride across my street into a parking lot.  I've got a couple little things to take care of before her real maiden voyage, like a clutch noise and breather hose puking more oil than normal.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Greasebag '08

Lots of good people, bikes, and sun.  Holy crap did it feel extra hot that day.  Grail put a lot of work into the jamboree,  I can't believe the amount of swag he wrangled up for the raffle and bike contest.   Acme Choppers has a rockin' shop, thanks for hosting the event.  Killer.  Check out Grail's hard work @