Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For sale

Alright people, I'm looking to sell my '97 Buell Thunderbolt. 22k miles, runs really well, light front end and body modifications to resemble more of the early cyclone body style. Only upgrade I know of is the V&H carbon fiber exhaust that the po put on. I don't think they changed the jetting when they put the pipe on so from time to time the bike sputters at idle. Also included in the package is a clean titled '94 sportster frame with swingarm and shocks. Rear cyl base gasket is starting to weep a little, so some wrenching in the future will be needed. $2500 firm or $3200 with a titled '94 sportster frame.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shorty fender

Had to throw a fender on my bike to get it inspected and I wanted to modify/make something that I'd want to leave on it. When I have time I'll make some sleeves to weld onto the fender mounts so they match the fork mount diameter better.

Fill it to the brim

There's nothing like getting every bit of use out of something.

mirror mount

Needed a mirror mount for my bike.

I put these little videos together hoping to help the garage builder cutlure (which I'm proud to be a part of) gain fabrication knowledge if needed. They aren't groundbreaking or original ideas/designs at times so I'd never claim to be the "inventor" of anything. I just try to carry on the love of hand making functional custom parts for motorcycles while tipping my hat to all those who've come before me.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Oliver's tank shell.

I'm not sure what tank this started as, but I cut a shitload of metal out of the center of this thing!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Milltown hot rod show

Met some friends in Palmer, MA to walk around and check out some cars and bikes. I was relatively uninspired by most of the bikes there, and the ones I liked have already been photographed by me at other times. Here are some pics of cars I dig.

Friday, August 6, 2010

other pics of projects waiting to happen

We all have multiple projects going on at once. I have too many right now, which means none of them get significant work done on them. Here's the list in no particular order.

'75 Kawasaki 500cc triple 2 stroke, shit do I want to dump everything and work on this.

'71 XS650 cafe thingy, also very exiting to me.

'69 Moto Guzzi Ambassador, completely rebuilt motor and newly accquired '71 titled frame. I'm going to build a sidecar for this bike, I think.

'97 Buell Thunderbolt and a titled evo Sportster frame. You see where this could go.

'79 Ironhead hardtail project, a customer's bike (Darren).

'67 Triumph Thunderbird hardtail project. This is the first one in line to get worked on after Darren's Ironhead.

Random snaps

Welding, sweating, and blowing black snot of of my beak. I really should wear good dust masks more often. Enough small talk, here's some pics of the Triumph after I rolled it into the new shop. Bars are set, and thanks to Marco I have a cool alum oil tank ready to mount.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More on Joel's tank

Been crazy trying to chop away at customer work, move into the new space, and deal with the stumblings of everyday life. I've been slow with new posts so here's some pics of the progress on Joel's tank.