Monday, June 30, 2008

Gilby's knuck tank

Ok, I must live under a rock somewhere.  I was contacted by Gilby Clarke to make a tank for his recent knucklehead acquisition a little while back.  After a little cyberspace back and forth, we decided on some dimensions that would fit the function and aesthetic he was looking for.  I don't know who Gilby Clarke is, but I know he likes motorcycles and that's enough for me.  Ok, ok, I know who he is now, but it took a while for it to click.  No offense Gilby, I'm kind of a tool sometimes, just not the sharpest one.  Check out what Gilby's been up to at

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Unknown said...

`1Gilby is just the nicest guy. I meet him in Toronto and he was awesome to us fans after the show. Hanging out taking pics talking about his motorcycle trek in australia. And the show rocked! Bonny