Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Mill

This was a spot I rented with a friend while I was in college.  It was in an old fabric mill, super hot in the summer, cold as ice at night in the winter.  The kind of place you wore sweats and a hoodie to bed if you weren't lucky enough to have a girl with you at the time.  The ramp came from my friend Brendan's house.  It had lived out it's usefulness in his backyard, but the transitions and ribbing were saved and moved indoors.  The pool coping was from Mike Emond's vert ramp in Holden, which ruled back in the day.  I remember skating Mike's ramp with him for the last time one cold fall day.  360 rock to broken shoulder, ramp closed.
Pool coping timeline.  From Fred Smith's ramp to Mike Emond's ramp to John Marshall's ramp to Brendan Sowersby's ramp, to it's final resting place on the mill ramp.  We left the ramp there when we moved out, nobody wanted it.  I can only hope someone found that pool coping somewhere and put it to good use.  The above picture was taken sometime in 1989-90.  What a blast. 

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