Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jake's donation... really this time.

Jake Cutler is the person I purchased the Triumph from.  Not only does Jake share my affinity for motorcycles and fabrication, he's also the owner/operator of Barnstorm Cycles here in Worcester, MA.  I think Jake would rather spend his days fabricating parts and bikes, but the tire changing and bolting on of bits and pieces is what pays the bills.  Barnstorm Cycles is a local, full service shop that's been open for 5+ years and is the type of place that won't laugh at a goon like me when I walk through the door.  On a side note, his tig welding and machining skills make me envious, as well as his knuckle daily driver.

Jake donated this super cool narrow springer that we're going to shorten and machine new front/rear leg lower spuds and rockers.  This thing will fit the Triumph like a glove when we're done with it.  Thanks Jake!

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luke said...

oi!! that thing is gonna look right at home.