Monday, November 2, 2009

Store is open

Finally got off my ass and opened my store so people can buy some t-shirts and other garbage.  Thanks to all who've supported my small fabrication business, buy some more stuff so I can pay my bills and feed my dog.  More new stuff will be added soon!


Joe_Siharath said...

Congrats with the Store Jay. Seems like your keeping busy and everything is going well. Bike is looking amazing and so is your new project you got going. Well anyways congrats again dude!

special'79 said...

Thanks Joe. How are things with you?

Joe_Siharath said...

Hey No problem. Glad to see things are going well for ya. I'm doing ok for the most part. Lost my job completely, so out of work for now which is a bit stressful, but trying to stay positive ha. I was saving up to hopefully buy a mig, but now gotta make sure I can pay my bills. Well thats basically my life right now haha not too exciting. But yeah I feel bad for not being able to make it out as much as I wanted to this summer, things got hectic for a bit, then I had the chance to go cross country so I took that opportunity. Well anyways enough of that ha, i'll talk with ya soon jay and keep up the amazing work.