Friday, April 9, 2010

Narrow apes

These took a bit, it took longer to make the stainless bungs than all the bending and welding.


WoMpY said...

It would have been the opposite for me. Great job on those...beautiful.

Cyrus said...

How much does it cost the four and the twuelve handlebars?

Do you ship to Italy?

write me please

A.B.E. said...

I would like to purchase a pair of these bars from you. Do you have any for sale or would you be willing to make me a set?

Unknown said...

I would like a set of these. How soon would I be able to buy a set if you wouldnt mind making me a set?


special'79 said...

Mark, I have a set of 9" tall narrow mini apes for sale right now. The are approx 30" wide with just over 7" of flat grip area and 25 degrees of sweep. You can email me at to speak further.