Friday, December 17, 2010

Stupid BSP thread

It took me a while to squeeze info out of the people who resell these little brass petcocks on what exactly the thread pitch was. For anyone that needs to know the pitch was 1/8"-28 bsp parallel. I would've thrown them in the trash if they weren't so neat.

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mikeyfrombc said...

BSF & BSP stuff can be confusing , most of the stuff i have come across in my days is 14tpi and 19tpi and they are always STRAIGHT threads . they are very similar to NPT and NPS stuff but the main difference is the thread on BSP/BSF the thread angle is 55deg when compared to the normal 60deg .

when it comes to threads owning a copy of THE MACHINIST HANDBOOK and a few thread pitch tools makes life alot easier

special'79 said...

It's funny you say that, I just got a copy last week. Such a great reference.