Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shovel project

Couple pics of the customer shovel build going on at the new Barnstorm shop right now. Jake has been banging this one out, working out the details with the owner. Only small bits and pieces left on this one and it's off to powder and paint.


Aaron@VanguardCycle.com said...

diggin that megaphone...you guys are gonna do just fine workin together.

James D. Hendrickson said...

Man I love the lines on that shovel but the bars are going to make or break it. What are they going to run?

special'79 said...

Yeah, working with Jake is a breeze. We have similar yet different tastes at the same time which will make for some interesting stuff. The bars are going to be these low stainless rabbit ears with a built in speedo mount at the customer's request.