Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hammerform part 4: the back side

Something I haven't talked about is annealing the aluminum before you try to form it, so here goes.
-use a dirty acetylene only flame to put a layer of soot on the surface
-change the oxy-acet flame to a neutral flame and heat the entire piece until you make the soot disappear and reveal nice clean alum
-let the alum air cool, and it's annealed

I decided to hammer the back panel of the oilbag, so it's back to the buck.



Top mounts


James D. Hendrickson said...

I'm interested to see how you end up mounting this. I would be worried about stress cracks but I bet it will work fine I tend to be a nancy about shit like that.

special'79 said...

4 point, rubber mounted from the upper and lower of the oilbag to the hardtail rear triangle. I'm always worried about that stuff too.

Toecutter said...

Due your totally killing it. You guys coming out this winter


This thing is looking good! Love it!

Jonathan Glover Photography said...

Did you have to make a separate slightly smaller buck for the back in order for it to fit inside like that?

special'79 said...

Used the same buck, it just fits inside with some off buck hammerwork.