Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cross it off...

... the list.  Sunday in the shop, trying to knock as many things off the to do list for the evo sportster as possible.

S&S Super E idle and accelerator pump screw modifications... check.


J-Rod said...

Now do one for the idle mixture.

And sell me some.

Greg said...

i'm not sure i get what you did there? care to explain it in more detail? did you just make extensions for the screw heads for easier access?


special'79 said...

The screws are extended with little knurled knobs on top so you can adjust with your fingas, no screwdriver needed.

I'm not making one for the idle mix, it's the one adjustment I don't mess with once it's set correctly. If you want a set of these I'll gladly make some for you. I believe Keino Cycles already produces them for sale too.