Monday, January 21, 2013

Jock shit

Yeah, yeah, yeah... so I grew up playing hockey.  I catch shit from my motorcycle friends from time to time for being a "jock" because I grew up playing the greatest sport ever.  Where else can you glide, turn, exercise, and rough someone up if they get out of line... all in an hours time.

Got the chance to represent my high school alma mater in a alumni hockey game on Saturday at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA before the high school kids took the ice.  I think there were more people on the ice than in the arena for our game, go figure.


fingers said...

Played 13 years

motoguru. said...

Grew up playing hockey to stay in shape for motocross. I was pretty good, so I kept at it. Haven't put skates on in 11 years. Need to get back into it.