Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's about time

Every year my friends and I try to get our acts and funds together to take a snowboard trip to somewhere West of Massachusetts.  This years crew consists of myself, Steve R, Alexei G, Brian J, and Aaron P.  It's a tight crew, not easy to break into and get invited on these trips.

This past winter we made our 2nd trip to Seattle, WA to grab our share of snow, concrete, beers, and of course coffee.  Straight off the plane, we made our way to Monroe to stay with longtime friend, the infamous Matt Gormley.  Gorms is an East coast transplant that made his way into the employment of Stevens Pass snowboard marketing and park design for a handful of years.  Matt is the ultimate host, even if it's five sweaty dudes crashing on every horizontal surface in his cool little house.  He goes out of his way to make our stay fun as hell and has yet to disappoint.

We hit as many concrete skateparks as we could fit in with the inclement weather.  In total we skated the Ballard bowl (2), Arlington, Duval, Carnation, and another spot that slips my mind right now.  Brian J. was charging while the rest of us did our best to keep up with his clean lifestyle energy.  I think my favorite place was Carnation.  The lines were really smooth and it made me feel like I knew what I was doing.  I did find a way to launch myself out of the full pipe at Arlington and land square on one ass cheek.  By the initial pain felt, I thought the rest of the trip was to be spent in the fine drinking establishments scattered all over Seattle, but I was able to suck it up.
The snowboarding segment of this trip was great, Stevens Pass and Mt. Baker.  No real fresh snow to speak of, but great spring like conditions to be had all over the mountains.   Mt. Baker has the most incredible terrain easily accessible from the lift.  I'd love to be there on a powder day.  
Oh, I forgot to add that I left two days earlier than the rest of the group, and of course it snowed hours after I boarded the plane.  


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