Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gypsy Run 2008

Well, our crew was only able to make the first leg of the run this year.  We rode with no-one but ourselves because of showing up at the departure point about 5 minutes late.  A slipping clutch on Evan's bike prevented us from playing catch-up, but we ended up running into the majority of the MA crew as the chase truck sat waiting for a new caliper/rotor.  We spent the rest of the first day hunting down clutch plates for a cm400e, which we found about 10 miles from the first campsite in Phonecia, NY.  We barely spoke to anyone the first night, I was so smoked from the days hunting/riding that I wouldn't have been much of a conversationalist.  I regret not being able to ride with the whole crew, but it'll happen next time.  It was good to meet Josh, Bob, Paul, Ron, Jay, Todd, Joel, and a few others I'm spacing on right now.  

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Ahhh man... That's a drag. Sorry to hear about the run, I was really looking forward to it... uh... I mean... uhh... Ok, ok, I admit it. I live vicariously through blogs. I'm a poser in a poser town with one other guy in the whole city that even rides chop. We're starting a run here though. It's called the "Kool Jesters n Wizardz n Tribal Skullzzz n Shit Run" It's gonna be about 1000 miles over three days. It'll start at my house and circle my block 4978 times. It'll be cool cuz every once in a while we'll stop just for fun, then sometimes we'll go the other way too... hard-core, I know, but that's the way we roll.

Could be worse Jay, glad to hear you had a bit of fun at least. How'd the huge sissy extension work out for you? That thing rules.

Got the bars... man, I couldn't be more stoked! They are VERY nice. Thanks a ton!

special'79 said...

Sissy bar looked really cool. We had a chase car so I felt like a poser strapping all my stuff to it when I really didn't have to. I rode with it in all it's empty glory. 1000 mile in 3 days sounds like a lot of fun, don't forget your gatorade helmet to keep your electrolytes at the correct levels. Oh, change directions going around your house or your tires will wear funny.

Cain said...

Jay, it was nice meeting you. It's too bad you missed us at the diner, it would've been nice to have the whole Mass crew rolling together. I was the one with the busted ass, unpainted ironhead with Bob, Josh, Paul, and the rest of those guys. Look forward to getting together sometime for another ride.


special'79 said...

Dan, same here man. That run was fun stuff, dig your ride. I'm thinking of getting something together for us MA/NH guys for this fall.