Monday, December 22, 2008

Another one, for a longer backbone

This tank was created from a newer style round bottomed sportster tank.  Measurement from front tabs to end of rear tab is about 20 1/2", should fit up to 1 3/4" backbone diameter.  I wanted to make something with more stretch to it for guys or gals running a little bit more length in their top tube.  Frisco style 22mm fuel outlet will be welded off the left or right rear of the tank, buyer's choice .  This tank is sold.


Toecutter said...

I love that tank. Can the filler be moved to the right side:)

special'79 said...

TCP, I keep forgetting to call you. I''m modifying a superglide tank with you in mind. I'll send you pics. Oh, this tank sold earlier today.