Friday, January 9, 2009

Narrowed villain for sale

I'm building a tank for my friend TCP, so I figured while I wait for his cap/bung to come in I'd finish the original shell I was working on that was too long for his frame.  Widest point of this tank is 10", tunnel length is 20 1/8" (21" to the tip of the rear mounting tab), 2 3/4" front tunnel depth, and 1 5/8" rear tunnel depth.  It will fit a 1 3/4" diameter frame backbone comfortably.  Mounting is recessed front mount with strap and rubber isolators and a rear tab mount.  22mm fuel outlet on bottom left side, and a pop-up style gas cap.  Fuel capacity should be a little over 2 gallons.  Contact me for a price on this tank.

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