Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Toecutter's place

During our WA trip, our crew visited our friend Terry Parker and his girl Vanessa for some pepperoni pizza and Busch lights.  Upon arrival to his Wenatche residence, it was brought to our attention that Vanessa wouldn't shake our hands when we were introduced.  In her defense it wasn't because she didn't want to shake our hands, it was because she couldn't.  Terry mistakingly cut the tip of her finger off in a door jamb incident.  The pictures I saw were gnarly. 

Much of the time at Terry's was spent in his garage, checking out his shovelhead and Kawasaki S3400 projects.  He's got all sorts of cool stuff stashed everywhere, he's a complete whirlwind.  I need to spend more time there next trip and pick his brain more.  Shout out to TCP, Vanessa, and the four legged furies Ducati and Izzy. 

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Toecutter said...

Thanks for stopping buy. Wish you guy's would of stayed for longer. S3 is done and getting it. Alexie sux's