Friday, June 26, 2009

stainless bends

Looking forward to building new stainless pipes for my shovel once my motor is done.  Something simple with some hand-formed flares is in order I think.  Need bends, check Stainless Works.  Anyone have info on stainless shovel flanges? 


Toecutter said...

Stainless is mean and doesn't like to form. But your a master so it wont be hard for you. Can't wait too see the them

josh.calvi said...

where'd you score the bends jay?

special'79 said..., now to find stainless flanges.

josh.calvi said...

not sure exactly what kind of flanges you're looking for, but i suspect you'll be toiling over them or you'll find someone with a CNC rig of sorts. i've had this place in my bookmarks for a while now, eventually i'll get around to doing the same: