Wednesday, July 1, 2009

W650 clubman bars

Making some prototype clubman bars for my friend Mike Jackson.  That's right, that's his name.  I used to own the bike these bars will be going on, I wish I had never sold it to him 6 years ago.  I'm putting threaded bungs in the front of these bars so he can relocate his turn signals when he gets around to it.  The grip areas look short because the 1" to 7/8" step down hasn't been added yet.  I'll be making stainless clubman bars for W650 models as soon as my tubing is delivered.


Michael said...

Sell her back to you for 4K. Just kiddin, 5K. Bars look bitchin dude.

special'79 said...

I wouldn't pay a penny over the $1700 I sold it to you for, purely on principle.

knucklebuster said...

you had a w650 and sold it?! oi vey