Saturday, February 13, 2010

Road trip... a boring one

Well, I got the call from the garage that my car was all set and ready to pick up. Seems the problem was exactly what I thought it was, a skipped timing belt. The buffoon (previous mechanic/owner) who did the timing belt 7k miles ago didn't think it was important to replace the idler pulley bearings bearings while he was in there. So...

-timing belt, 3 idler bearings, belt tensioner
-2 sensors, which weren't the problem but the mechanic broke the old ones taking them out
-rental car

$1160, which would've paid for the shovel and Triumph rebuild parts. Shit.

Good news is I got to stop at my favorite surplus shops in NY on the way home and grab some bits and pieces.

Well, enjoy the boring pics of my Friday road trip.


Carr's Garage said...

That look slike P&T Surplus to me.

You didn't stop in and say hi?!?

special'79 said...

Haha, it's is P&T. I would've called you and swung by but it was a blow thru town on the way back from PA to MA type thing. Next time, I promise.