Monday, October 10, 2011

Sporty build in Show Class Mag soon!

Ok, Jake and I here at SPCL'79 Fabrication/Barnstorm Cycles have decided to document a start to finish hardtail evo sportster build in the pages of Show Class Mag. The idea for the articles is pretty simple. Show the steps of building a straightforward, no nonsense, hardtail sportster chop that will have a handful of one-off fabricated bits, but also highlight some of the really cool/quality parts available to bolt onto such a project. Basically, make a simple to follow plan for those interested in building such a bike.

There are many out there that have already realized how perfect the evo sportster is for such a build, hopefully this will open the eyes of the doubting masses. Who wouldn't want an affordable, fast, light, and dependable custom bike? I certainly do!

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special'79 said...

BTW, Thanks to the whole crew @ Show Class for giving us the opportunity!