Friday, March 2, 2012

Plug weld... I call it a rosette weld even though I'm wrong

I always call these rosette welds even though I've been re-educated to call them plug welds by Massic Effect. Thanks for the info ME, someday I'll remember to call them by the right name.


Massic Effect said...

Nice vid, my only beef is that it's really called a plug weld, but it's the welding teacher in me coming out. Not sure where the term Rosette came from or which was first. However AWS classifies this type of weld plug or slot weld. Either way thanks for the good shot.

special'79 said...

Thanks Massic. I looked up rosette weld and it's definition was "see plug weld":)

Massic Effect said...

Ha Ha, no problem. I have been looking since I started teaching three years ago to really find out which came first. It may just be a tometo tomato kinda thing. Any who...

Milwaukee Belle's Works said...

" Plug" or "Slot" Weld !
Thanks for the Info , Guys !
i use to do the same since long time but never found the exact name .
Here in France : we use to call this " Bouttonniere " ( Button in English )


Radical Twin said...

thanks for the tip. !!!
EE, from RFT
Bikes, Babes, Tattoos and Rock'n'Roll ... Enjoy !

mrfixit said...

What it is called depends on your age and when/ where you learned to weld. Old timers will call it a rosette. Plug weld became the term as misc. societies came up with standards that became international.