Friday, April 6, 2012

1974 xl100 for sale

A friend of mine has a low miles, unrestored, complete, and really clean 1974 xl1000 for sale. I went to look at this bike the other day and was floored by how clean it really is for living all it's life in New England. Price is $3000 but my buddy will entertain reasonable offers. If you have any interest you can contact me at



theoldepro said...

so all I'd have to do is get it running decently and throw a surfboard rack on the side and I'd have my Rockaway Getaway Machine??

Paul said...

He's really prepared for a fire, isn't he?

special'79 said...

Been sitting in a heated garage, hasn't been fired for a couple years but has been cranked over. I really think all it would need is fresh gas, carb cleaning, and a new battery and it would be ready for you to drive all over the NY area, Matt.

One can never be too prepared, Paul:)