Saturday, August 18, 2012

Before and after

Previous owner was a bit too aggressive with the cut off wheel.

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Massic Effect said...

I wish I had your finishing skills! If I could only relay 1/4 of what you know to my students I would be proud, that looks great.

shotgun said...

Now that is something I would love to see a tutorial on, what rod did you fill it in with something with bronze in it or E70S2 ? Do you hand finish with a file or is that all flapper wheel?

special'79 said...

The filler is silicon bronze rod, low melt temp so as not to distort the frame geometry with heat warpage. I build up the weld bead, let cool, then use an abrasive disc to bring it down close to the surface I want. File to the final surface with a couple different cut files and finish with emery strips.