Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ironhead hydraulic clutch

I'm not the first to try this... or the last, but this is my shot at it.  I'm trying a brembo clutch slave cylinder off a Ducati and I'll spin up an adapter to mount the unit where the inspection/adjustment for the clutch is on the primary cover.  The knurled piece shown was done for mock-up to make sure this whole idea was feasible, the actual mount will be lathed out of that big chunk of aluminum so it will be big enough to pick up the clutch slave mounting points.  I'll know soon if it'll work, once the clutch lever/mastercylinder shows up.


Paul said...

I started doing this years ago but never finished. The biggest issue to figure was where to mount the master so it would have sufficient throw to disengage the clutch; yet not have any pressure on the pushrod when the clutch was disengaged.

Thrashache said...

Magura has a pulling cylinder that you can put where the cabel enters the case.