Thursday, November 13, 2008


I can remember waking up at 4am when I was a kid so I could watch "The Road Warrior"on my half-assed movie channel called "The Preview Channel".  I don't know if anybody else remembers this, but subscribers would get this box with one button on it that would de-scramble a UHF channel so you could watch movies that they would run.  This was so long ago it was before I knew anybody with a VCR.
Well, this post is for my friend Terry Parker.  He is a collector and fanatic of all that is Mad Max.  Copies of the movie scripts, original artwork, and even a replica of Toecutter's KZ.  Terry's a talented fabricator who builds some cool bikes.  I'll be fabbing a tank and bars for his next build, not because he can't, he just want's to build it with parts his friends have had a hand in.

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Toecutter said...

I RULE, don't make me cry