Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tahoe City Run 2009?

This is my favorite place.  Jack Carver and his family built this cabin with their own hands in '78, no frills but it's as perfect as it gets.  The lake is at the bottom of his street and the Sherwood bowl @ Alpine Meadows is at the top.  I try to get out West to spend time there as often as possible, adding to the great memories I've already stockpiled.  I'm lucky to be able to call Jack my friend.
I'd love to pack up my bike and drive from MA to Lake Tahoe summer 09.  Anyone game?


Ashley said...

It would be my pleasure. Count me in.

Deacon said...

Tahoe is one of the best places on earth. Myself and the others from this area would be happy to meet up with you in SLC for the rest of the journey.
Also, if you're thinking later in the summer, there's a big show in Reno, haven't been but my brother lives there and says it's a good time, Street Vibrations or something like that. I think there's one in the early part of summer too.

Eastern Boarder Worcester. said...

I'm down as long as you can weld a baby seat to my bike. -SPK

Chico said...

that might be something Black13 (Dean) and i would be very interested in. we planned on tripping this coming spring/summer anyways. no real destination.
hopefully i can pull my bike together.
keep in touch about this.
Tahoe is beautiful in the spring/summer. used to go there all the time.