Sunday, October 25, 2009


Got some mail for an alias I was running during my trip to the PNW last winter.  It took my wife a minute to realize it was her husband's 8th grade humor and not a mis-delivered letter.  I still giggled.


Toecutter said...

i getting a pass their too this year so we can ride this time you guys come out

Chico said...

i'm going to watch from the side lines and drink hot buttered rum.

my nose is ugly enough.

Washingstonian said...

I'm so pumped. Dude, that is awesome.

Tell Mike Hunt and Stu Budasso hello for me!

Hey, do you have an extra two stroke triple motor you can sell? Like, almost immediately?

special'79 said...

Gorm's you can have the H1 that I got from Pete if you come out and get it. The motor runs, but the complete bike needs some tlc.

Toecutter said...

Can i come and get it, with a shipping company:)