Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gas tank kits in the works

Do you want a Frisco mount sportster tank? Do you know how to weld? Well this 2.2 gal tank kit will be avail soon. What you'll get:

-2.2 gal shell with the top flat spot worked out of it (shown split for narrowing option)
-small vented cap and bung
-one piece bottom and tunnel (not pictured)
-your choice of rubber mounting kit or good 'ol backbone tab mounts
-22mm Frisco style fuel bung (not pictured)

These will be available in 2 weeks, pricing tbd. Picture doesn't represent a complete kit, I'm just shooting what I have now.

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Luke said...

Great idea!! Can you get more than 2.2 out of these tanks or is that after frico'ing the tank. I would like to do a 3 gal. tank.

luke said...


special'79 said...

The 2.2 gal is before frisco-izing. I doubt that it'll make up .8 gal though. I can make kits using some 3+ gal shells and you can trim to your liking.

Luke said...

Sounds good to me, let me know when your ready to put a price tag on'em.