Saturday, May 14, 2011

Peeved at Paughco

I give Paughco two thumbs down.

Ok, I've been holding this in for a while now and I just can't take it anymore. Four months ago I went to my friend Brian at JEM Cycle to order some tank shells from Paughco. I am not a Paughco dealer, but Brian is and he treats me well so there was no immediate reason for me to become a dealer at the time. The below is a re-enactment of the conversations that have gone on with a Paughco sales rep over the last few months.

Brian- "Hey, how are you (blank), I need to find out if you have item # (blank) in stock."

Paughco- "Yes we have 25 in stock right now, how many do you want?"

Brian- "I'll take 20 of them."

Paughco - "Okay"

A little while later that day.


Brian- "Hello, JEM Cycle."

Paughco- "Brian, This is (blank), we're only going to ship you 10 of those tank shells."

Brian- "Why's that? You have 25 in stock and I'd like to order 20. I don't understand why you wouldn't want to sell something you have in stock."

Paughco- "Well, we don't want to run out of them. We'll be getting another shipment soon, we can ship you the remaining 10 shells when that comes in."

Brian- "I still don't understand, I want 20 but I'll take 10 right now."

Five or more phone calls/voicemails to Paughco over the next 3 months resulted in either non-returned calls or no clear answer to whether they could send us the remaining 10 tank shells... until 2 weeks ago.


Paughco- "Hello Paughco, (blank) speaking."

Brian- "Hello, this is Brian at JEM Cycle. Could I please speak to (blank)."

Paughco- "Yes, just a minute"

(blank) @ Paughco- "Hi Brian, what can I do for you today?"

Brian- "I'd like to get those 10 tank shells that you wouldn't ship me 4 months ago."

Paughco- "We have them in stock, I'll send you the 10 you need."

Brian- "Thank you."

later that week


Brian- "Hello, JEM Cycle."

Paughco- "Brian, I'm going to send you 5 tank shells."

Brian- "Why, you said you had enough in stock to send me 10?"

Paughco- "Well, we don't have enough in stock now to send you 10."

Ok, long story short. Paughco calls back and said they only have 2 in stock and offered no specific reason why they hadn't shipped the remaining 10 shells at the time they had them in stock. My theory is that Paughco wants to sell 1 or 2 shells to a customer for full catalog pricing plus a ridiculous shipping charge rather than sell multiples at the discounted price, with free shipping to a dealer. I am through dealing with this company. I specifically wanted to deal with them because of what they stood for, what they've done for the custom motorcycle industry, and their motorcycle parts lineage. Much of their products are marked as being "Made in USA", which means a lot to me... but the tank shells are punched out overseas just like every other company. I am currently investigating another tank shell connection and will never recommend or buy another Paughco product... ever.

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that Paughco may be holding onto shells for the making of their own complete tanks. This I understand, but just let the customers and dealers know how many they can order when they ask about stock availability. Paughco product has always been top notch, I just wish their communication skills were the same.


BCM said...

Sounds like it's time to go into the tank shell business?

matt machine said...

good for you. make a stand for what you believe in , stick by it and thats all you have to do.

Toecutter said...

He's a cute little 4 pound Chihuahua laying next to me. To add to the made in USA is bullshit. My Buell frame was made in Indonesia and was missing 1 number on the frame. The State Patrol let it by

luke said...


Matthew said...

Funny that someone so rad bummed you out! You're not a shit talker, so for you to be pissed takes some serious jackin' around. Let me know if you need someone to chip in on your tank shell biz... Keep up the inspirational work and doing your thing. Come visit.

MM said...

I understand the pain...waiting for the gas tank to finish the bike since December :(

Anonymous said...

I've never really understood why paughco has the reputationt that they have anyway?? In my opinion, there products do not represent "Quality Craftsmanship" anyway and neither does their customer service,...Obviously.

I purchased one frame from them and when it arrived,...I took a few looks at it, took pics of it & placed it on ebay. I lost $50.00 on the deal but, I was glad to see it go!