Wednesday, May 4, 2011

some heat

From time to time I find myself needing to heat bend a set of bars that have already been made. Maybe it's because I didn't pay attention to what bars I was supposed to be making, maybe it's because a particular design lends itself to heat bending instead of using my tubing bender, or maybe it's just me wanting to play with torches.

I used to flip the bars upside down and tack the bar ends down to the table, bolt a leverage bar to the bar mounts, and go to it with the oxy acet. Problem was that the tubing in the uprights of the bars wasn't being held steady enough on some bar designs due to some flex while the leverage was being applied during bending. Well a solid mount upper tree, some shorty risers, and a long leverage bar bolted in to the stem hole solves that problem... as long as the bars are 3.5" upright spacing. Thick walled tubing+heat evenly+bend slowly=bars done.


HG said...

Is that an american flag doo rag?

special'79 said...

Haha. I was in need of a new welding cap and it was the only one my local weld supply shop had that fit my big dome. You know how that is, right?

scrapmetalart said...

a shop without a torch is not complete