Friday, May 7, 2010


Ok, I know my blog is usually right in line with moto building, parts fab, and other 2 wheeled fury but the NHL playoffs are out of control good right now. If you grow up playing hockey and you're from MA, you follow the B's to the grave no matter how their season was. Get things done guys, we could be facing Montreal (those pricks).

Pic is of Lex showing how HUGE our Senior C league playoff trophy is (please read with sarcastic tone). Yeah, I said "C" league, I don't want to kill myself trying to keep up with hockey heros in their mid 20's.


Toecutter said...

Good job Lex, doe's he play defender hahahahahha get it

six eleonore said...

very cool jay, i've watched more hockey this year than ever before - my son has interest also... this year or next year with our drafts and good decisions in the off season! be well jay.

jack said...

Sharks baby!
hey, need you mailing address asap.

Kevin said...

Hockey and motos are where its at.
Canucks all the way Baby.
from the west coast