Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fill it to the brim

There's nothing like getting every bit of use out of something.


eddie said...

Remember the atlantic "red ball '' ? FREE W/FILL UP

{GASOLINE] for those born after 1960 or so , it was a styrofoam hunter orange ball that you applied to your antenna mast. After installation you presented an image of 'belonging' . I don't belong, I don't want to belong. I do have a couple of those balls tough. I swiped them I saved them all these years I think that they are going to be the next hot collectable. Don't ask were they are cause I can't find them right at this time.
there lost ,just like me Hey dad what's a antenna mast?
Speed safely FLETCH

Rivet said...

You should have seen the porta potties the first year of Loring! Ask Josh about poo mountain.