Tuesday, August 17, 2010

mirror mount

Needed a mirror mount for my bike.

I put these little videos together hoping to help the garage builder cutlure (which I'm proud to be a part of) gain fabrication knowledge if needed. They aren't groundbreaking or original ideas/designs at times so I'd never claim to be the "inventor" of anything. I just try to carry on the love of hand making functional custom parts for motorcycles while tipping my hat to all those who've come before me.


eddie said...

If at first you don't suceed , be glad you weren't skydiving. Fletch

Luke said...

Keep'em coming. I think most people look to the internet when trying to do something for the first time.

Masterlink Lee said...

Jay, your videos kick ass. I'm glad you take the time to share the knowledge. Most people couldn't be bothered with documenting this or that. Plus, it always cool to watch someone actually make something. When are you gonna finish that Triumph?