Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seat pan connectors

I had to figure out how to attach the seat pan with only cold connections and be able to put the locating pins on the tail section after the pan is upholstered.

Seat pan with some rubber isolators

The parts needed and a piece of test sheet metal since I wont be installing them on the tail section until later.

Nut-sert installed.

Locating pin screwed on.

How it works.


shotgun said...

It's stuff like this that I check this blog for all the damn time. What a cool idea, and a connector I never knew existed. One of the biggest pain in my ass with bike seats is installing and removing them every time you want to work on something. Probaly has the benefit of "rubber" mounting the seat in a way too no more rubbing paint off with the edge of the seat. Thanks for sparking more ideas yet again!

Pastime Customs said...


Mxpimp47 said...

where do you get those connectors? Bitchen inspiration dude.

special'79 said...

The connectors are called nut-serts or riv-nuts. I think i bought my set from Grainger. The aluminum bits were made on a lathe, the grommets are stock HD tank mount rubbers.