Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Got the hardtail section in from Led Sled, it's going to be a nice addition to the Barnstorm Cycles/SPCL'79 fabrication Sportster project. We thought long and hard about building our own rear section but the point of this build is to document the building of a budget custom and it just made more sense to use an existing product from a reputable company like Led Sled. I believe showing the installation of the hardtail will be more helpful to the garage builder rather than overwhelming them with tubing benders and other specialized tools/machinery we'd have used building one from scratch. Hopefully the tech features in Show Class mag and Chop Cult will provide at least 1 person the info and drive to chop up their stock frame:)

Big thanks to Pat and the entire hard working crew over at Led Sled for cranking this rear section out for us!

^^The lump with a fresh 1200 kit that will power the project.

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