Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The future is now

Going to pick this up Friday. I can't tell you how happy this piece of equipment will make me.


josh said...

a dake? damn son!

John Beck Paper & Steel said...

Cold saws rule.

Joey-D said...

I used to use a cold saw at my old job and when it came time to buy one for myself I did mad research. I ended up with a grizzly G0613 swivel head bandsaw. I thought the cold saw was bad ass, but I couldn't be happier with my bandsaw. It was $1600 shipped, new. Its great because it has a 9" capacity. Which every cold saw I looked at was 4". The nicest thing is you can put your material in, turn it on and walk away. It has a hydraulic feed for the head to drop. So you can be working on something else and it will cut for you. One blade cuts every kind of material (Steel, aluminum, brass, ect), just adjust the speed of the head dropping. Not to mention,it will cut slivers as thin as 1/16" of an inch.