Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Where I'm from

I came home the other day to find a painting that my wife had bought at an art show run by the Worcester Roller Derby League. The painting created by Scott Holloway is called "November", and is of an actual barn in my hometown of Sterling, MA. The painting brought back all the old memories of climbing around in old barns, exploring, running around the apple orchards, poaching free apples along the way. As a kid I hated growing up in the sticks, miles away from any bmx track, arcade, or decent cement drainage ditches to skate in. It's easy to want what you don't have and many times hard to appreciate what's all around you. This painting reminded me of how good I had it growing up in a small town with nothing to do but make up fun shit to keep us busy. Thank you for the beautiful work, Scott.

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Kaalvn said...

No shit... I used to bitch to my parents why didnt we have the latest greatest thing of the day. Now I sure miss being able to light a fire under an old fridge rack and bingo, instant bbq.So many ridiculous rules and bylaws in the city.